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Writing Rules

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Writing Rules

The rule editor is where you work with a rule, you can either type your rule directly in the rule editor, or use the function wizards and browsers on the rule builder to insert into the rule.

The rule is automatically colored and formatted by DriveWorks using settings which you can modify by clicking the Settings button on the command bar.

By default, if the rule is invalid, the background color changes to a light red, and if it is okay, then the background changes to a light green.

Rules, in the rule editor, can be formatted so they are easier to read.

Use the return key to place elements of the rule on separate lines and the tab key to make each element inline.

When typing Functions in the Rule Builder rules insight can be closed by hitting the Escape key on the keyboard.

Rules insight will return when an argument is required, hitting Escape again will close rules insight.

Underneath the rule editor are help and diagnostics tabs.

There are up to six tabs on the help and diagnostics section depending on the kind of rule being built:

  1. Help tab
  2. Values tab
  3. Steps tab
  4. Drill Down tab
  5. Comments tab
  6. Function Wizard tab

Writing Rules

Where ever you can launch the rule builder you can build a rule. A rule defines how the parameter it is built on behaves.

A rule usually involves a function that evaluates some conditions and returns an answer, but it can also be a fixed or static value such as a number or text.

The sections below explain what can be entered into the rule builder.

Arithmetic RulesUsing StringsBoolean ValuesFunctionsCombiningNesting FunctionsSpecial Variables