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DriveWorks Solo 20
Automatic Activation

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This topic will explain how to automatically activate DriveWorks Solo.

When you first launch SOLIDWORKS after installing DriveWorks Solo you will be see a helper link that prompts you to activate the product:

Once the Helper link is selected the Licensing Wizard will guide you through activating your license key.

Before You Begin

If you are on a network managed by an IT Department, you may be behind a proxy, in which case you may need to find out your proxy details from whoever runs your network.

The Licensing Process

The licensing process is divided into the following few steps:

Step 1When you purchased DriveWorks, you will have received a product code. Type this product code into the box shown in the image to let the left.
Step 2Enter some information about yourself, and a description of the machine you are activating on. This information helps us to support you better.
Step 3

When you click next on the previous step, DriveWorks will start to activate your license  on your machine.

You can interrupt this process in the first few seconds by clicking the "Stop" button.
Step 4

When the activation has completed, you will see the Activation Successful screen, and when you press Finish, DriveWorks will be launched.