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DriveWorks Solo 22
Open/Create Project Wizard

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Open/Create Project Wizard

DriveWorks Solo requires a project to be created and open to store information captured from master models and drawings, and to start the design of the user forms and apply the rules and data to control the outputs.

Open/Create Project Wizard

When the DriveWorks Solo tab is activated in the SOLIDWORKS task pane and no project is currently open, there will be two methods available to open or create a project.

  • Use the Open/Create Project button
  • Use the Helper Link

Each of the methods above will launch the project wizard.

Once the dialog is open the following options are available:

  • Create a new project
  • Open and existing project
  • Open last project

Create a New Project

To create a new project:

  1. Select the Create a new project option, click Next
  2. Choose from one of the available templates
  3. In the location field click the Browse button to browse to a folder to store the information
  4. The Name field will auto-complete with the name of the folder selected above, this can be changed.
  5. Click Finish

A new blank project has now been created and opened and model information can now be captured. See Captured Models on how to do this.

Open an Existing Project

If a project has already been created and now requires opening:

  1. Select the Open existing project option, click Next
  2. In the Path field, click the Browse button to browse to the folder that contains the ProjectName.driveproj file for the project
  3. Click Open in the Open Project Dialog once the ProjectName.driveproj has been located and selected
  4. Click Finish to open the selected project.
ProjectName is the name given to the project when it was created

Open Last Project

To open the last project that was open before the session was closed:

  1. Select the Open last project option
  2. Click Finish

Close Project

A project can be closed by clicking the Close Project button in the task pane in SOLIDWORKS.