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DriveWorks Solo 22
Service Pack 6

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This section details fixes to existing DriveWorks functionality in service pack 6.


  1. Fixed issue with driving instances caused by file names that contained '-' characters. This model generation report displayed the message 'Input string was not in a correct format' in these cases.
  2. Improved reporting of operations carried out on drawings.
  3. Fixed issue when renaming a control that only changes the case of the letters used in the control name. 
  4. Fixed issue when renaming captured annotation text to use a different case.
  5. Fixed issue with a warning that 'The name is already in use' being displayed inappropriately, caused when captured annotation text has been selected.
  6. Fixed issue with annotations linked to a top level assembly not being repositioned. 
  7. Fixed issue with intermittent SOLIDWORKS prompt to save models, primarily when in-context relationships are present or when saving a drawing. 
  8. Fixed issue with option group item not selecting first item when the option groups selected item is no longer in the list of selectable items, and when the 'Selected Item Removed Behavior' property is set to 'SelectFirst'
  9. Fixed resizing issues encountered in the SOLIDWORKS task pane on some x64 systems.
  10. Fixed issue when pasting variables where the pasted names had leading or trailing spaces.
  11. Fixed issue with cell contents merging when Microsoft Excel data is pasted into a table that has quotes (") in the cell value. 
  12. Fixed issue that allowed carriage return values to be entered into text boxes when the multi-line property was set to false. 
  13. Fixed issue that caused stack overflow exceptions for list controls when the selected item override rule returns a value that is not selectable from the list.
  14. Improved reporting for parts now detail if driven features have been suppressed, unsuppressed or deleted successfully.
  15. Fixed issue caused by a control font size that could inadvertently be omitted. The font size is now set to the default font size for the dialog.
  16. Improved behavior for the Release process dialog being displayed during model generation.
  17. Improved Model Generation when driving Instances - If instance driving fails, subsequent driving operations now operate on the correct instance.
  18. Fixed issue using filtering feature in the model screen of DriveWorks.
  19. Fixed issue with DriveWorks Solo project templates selection dialog not displaying available templates correctly.