DriveWorks Solo 18: TableSkipRows [send feedback...]


Returns a new table where the specified number of rows have been removed from the start of the given table.


TableSkipRows([Table], [Rows to Skip])


Table is the table from which to take the rows.

Rows to Skip is the number of rows from the start of the input table that should be omitted.


TableSkipRows(DWGroupTableCustomers,3)Will return an array of the table Customers with the first 3 rows omitted.

Example Data

Customers Table

Amazon WarriorsParisFrance
Bolton BurnersConcordUnited States
Boston BullsHanoverGermany
Cambridge CatsToulouseFrance
Dynamo DynamicsIndianapolisUnited States
Eagle SizzlersColumbusUnited States
Everso LuckyBurlingtonUnited States
Forty SomethingsChicagoUnited States

Example Outcome

Customers Table

Cambridge CatsFrance
Dynamo DynamicsUnited States
Eagle SizzlersUnited States
Everso LuckyUnited States
Forty SomethingsUnited States

DriveWorks will return the table above as an array, which will look like:

Table returned as an Array
{"CustomerName","City","Country";"Cambridge Cats","Toulouse","France";"Dynamo Dynamics","Indianapolis","United States";"Eagle Sizzlers","Columbus","United States";"Everso Lucky","Burlington","United States";"Forty Somethings","Chicago","United States"}

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