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DriveWorks Solo 22

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The Find function searches the for text (case sensitive), from the specified start number, for the first occurrence of the Find Text string and returns the starting position of the first character of the occurrence.


Find([Find Text], [Within Text], [Start Number])


Find Text is the string of text to be found.

Within Text is the string, within which Find Text is to be located.

Start Number is the number of the character in the Within Text, where the search will start from.



Find(ProductCodeComboBoxReturn,ProductTextBoxReturn, 1)Starting it's search at the first character of the ProductTextBoxReturn, the Find function searches through the return value from the ProductTextBox, looking for the return value from the ProductCodeComboBox.

Example Outcomes

ProductCodeComboBoxReturn Value

ProductTextBoxReturn Value

Start Number

Result of the Find function

"C786""Castor C786"18
"MB9187""MB9187Metal Bracket MB9187"11
"MB9187""MB9187Metal Bracket MB9187"221
"c786""C786Castor c786"112