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DriveWorks Solo 22
Bug Fixes

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This section details all fixes to existing functionality and minor improvements to usability.


  1. Fixed intermittent crashes when creating a project.
  2. Fixed crash caused by driving feature parameters in an assembly when using On Demand (Preview) model generation.
  3. Fixed issue with illumination properties being driven through the DWColor custom property.

Project Designer

  1. Performance improvements, especially on project loading with large forms.
  2. Improved behavior when right clicking on an unselected control (previously displayed the context menu briefly)
  3. Fixed issue that caused a crash when form controls are cut or copied.
  4. Improved handling in rule search when a component cannot be resolved.
  5. Row and column limits removed when importing Excel Data Tables.
  6. Fixed issue with Picture Box that caused a crash when changing to design mode when no picture is active in the control
  7. Improved behavior for the Rules Builder when using undo after pressing the clear button. Now clear can be undone.
  8. Fixed issue that prevented Picture Boxes from being less than 8 pixels in height. Can now be 1x1 pixel.
  9. Fixed an issue that lost the rule driving the size of a form control when the rule evaluates to a negative number
  10. Corrected message for Error Result property for form controls that refer to Form Messages (which are reserved for Pro)