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Check Box

The Check Box control displays an image of a box  alongside a caption by default.

When the control is selected (or checked) in the running of a specification or testing the image shows a check mark  within the box.

When the form control is created the name given to the control will display as its caption. This can be changed by selecting the Caption property.

The caption can be displayed either side of the check box by changing the Check Alignment property.

This form control is typically used for:

  • Making a Yes/No selection or a number of Yes/No selections
  • Invoking Form Navigation Decisions
  • Disabling Form Controls 
  • Overriding default values.

Return value

When selected (checked) the form control reports TRUE.

When unselected (not checked) the form control reports FALSE.

Any rule that references the check box return value should use these values.

Check Box Properties

The table below is a list of all properties available for the check box.

Appearance PropertiesBehavior Properties
Background ColorChecked
CaptionChecked (Override Rule)
Caption ColorDefault Value
Caption FontEnabled
Caption Horizontal AlignmentError Result
Check AlignmentTab Index
Picture (Checked)
Picture (Hover)
Picture Size Mode
Picture Style
Show Check
General PropertiesLayout Properties
Tooltip DurationWidth
Tooltip Text

A user form control which displays a check mark when selected. The check box reports TRUE when selected and FALSE when not selected.