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What's New in DriveWorks 18

DriveWorks 18 delivers brand new features and enhancements for Usability & UX - Focused visual updates and enhancements add further functionality to user-friendly improvements across DriveWorks

Continuous improvements, to our usability and user experience, making DriveWorks even more interactive and intuitive

  • Generation reports updated with:

    • Functional color coding
    • Error count displayed on delete reports dialog
    • Improved error count status indicators
    • Improved scrolling, column re-sizing behavior
    • Indented items
    • Expand/collapse buttons on both the report viewer and the context menu
    • Expand/collapse icons moved to the left of each report entry
    • Start/end dates displayed
    • Timings displayed in milliseconds
  • Preset and personal filters in reports can be modified to filter specific keywords

  • Column sorting applied to controls and variables, in the Rule Builder, are maintained.

  • Column sorting implemented for Tables and Variables.

  • Table names increased to 245 character limit

  • New Form Templates added.

  • Placeholder text added to the Text box control

  • Insert multiple rows and columns in between existing rows of data in Tables.

  • Meta-data property added to all controls

  • Default height and width for Picture Box and Option Group controls has been increased.

  • Pre-created projects updated to take advantage of new functionality.

  • Sort Ascending parameter added to the ListAll function

  • IfErrorString function added

  • ListGetItems function added, returns the specified items from a list of items