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DriveWorks Solo 21

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Look what's new...

We have managed to get the following enhancements coded, tested and documented in good time. So we thought we would release them to you!

New Functions

The following functions have been added to assist with date and time calculations and also cryptography.

A new Table function allows a table to be sorted on a date field, see TableSortByDate for more information.

Pre Created Content

The template projects available online or from the New Project wizard have had some updates, including:

  • Updated the UI to be consistent between each form and improve usability
  • Corrected any implementation issues present in the previous versions
  • Reset the Specification ID so they start at 1
  • Changed the Project design and folder structure to more closely represent best practices

SOLIDWORKS 2019 Support

DriveWorks 16 SP2 fully supports SOLIDWORKS 2019, see Info: Supported Versions for more information.