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DriveWorks Solo 22
What's New - Form Control Properties

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What's New - New Dynamic Properties for Form Controls

DriveWorks Solo 8 now has the ability to control more form control properties with rules.

Properties that can now have rules applied include:

  • Appearance Properties - Change the Caption, Font Color and Font with rules.
  • Layout Properties - Change the size and position of the form control with rules.

By default these properties will be static properties, as denoted by the 'grey orb' next to the property name.

Double clicking the 'grey orb' makes the property dynamic and it becomes a 'green orb' to denote this.

Appearance Properties

The following types of appearance properties can be made to be dynamic:

  • Caption - Allows the caption that is displayed next to the control to be dynamically changed.
  • Color - Includes Caption Color, List Item color and Text Color properties. Allows the color of the font to be dynamically changed
  • Font - Includes Caption Font, List Item Font and Font properties. Allows the Font to be dynamically changed
When requiring to dynamically change the Color or Font properties select the required colors or fonts from the property while it is static (grey orb), copy these details to notepad, and use them in the rule after changing the property to be dynamic (green orb)
Example Caption property rule
 IF(ClevisRequiredReturn=TRUE,"Clevis is selected","No clevis selected")
Example Color Property rule
Example Font property rule
 IF(ClevisRequiredReturn=TRUE,"font-family: microsoft sans serif; font-size: 8.25pt; font-style: italic; text-decoration:","font-family: microsoft sans serif; font-size: 8.25pt; text-decoration:")

Layout Properties

The following types of layout properties can be made to be dynamic.

  • Size - including the Width and Height properties
  • Position - including the Left and Top properties
Example Width, Height, Left or Top property rule