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DriveWorks Solo 21
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Fixed in DriveWorks 19.1

The following issues have been fixed for DriveWorks 19.1.

We value your feedback to ensure our products are as robust as possible.

18367Form controls with negative values for Width or Height will cause the application to crash.
36309Entering a Control Name, in the Rule Builder, does not default to the Return property.
36619The Concentric Mate Alignment Advanced Feature Parameter does not work.
36750Generation reports cannot be opened when located on a network.
37216Dates displayed in reports are not converted from UTC.
37256Typing ( after the AND and OR functions, in the Rule Builder, will remove the (.
37267The IsValidEmailAddress returns TRUE if the email address contains spaces.
DriveWorks Task Identification - A bug or accepted enhancement request is assigned a DriveWorks Task Identification to enable tracking of the item.