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Info: Mirrored Components

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This document gives some useful information about the use of mirrored components within the master SOLIDWORKS assembly. The information given below relates to SOLIDWORKS 2010 only, for other versions of SOLIDWORKS we recommend you experiment if the functionality discussed below exists.

Applies to

SOLIDWORKS 2010 when a component that is a mirror version requires to be controlled by DriveWorks. If a mirror component exists that does not require to be driven this article does not apply and the seed component and mirror will be used in it's existing state in any variation generated by DriveWorks.

The mirror component feature should only be used when the mirror component is a true copy or mirror of the seed component. If the mirror component could differ from the seed we recommend creating and capturing an independent component.

To clarify

If you have a Mirrored Copy Component in your model, and the seed component (the component that the mirror is a copy of) is captured in DriveWorks then the copied component (the mirrored component) will always be the same as the model you are driving with DriveWorks.


When creating a mirror component the mirror can be a copy or an opposite-hand version of the seed components.

  • Copy

A new instance of the seed component is added to the assembly. The geometry of the copied component is identical to the seed component, only the orientation of the component is different. So when the seed component is captured and driven by DriveWorks the copied instance will have identical geometry.

  • Opposite-Hand Version

A new document or new configuration is created in the SOLIDWORKS assembly.

  • New Document

This will create a new file with links to the seed component. When the new seed component is generated by DriveWorks a new name is given to the resulting component, and the reference to the mirror component is lost. Therefore do not use this option if the mirror component is required to be driven by DriveWorks .

  • New Configuration

This will create a new derived configuration in the seed component. Any changes made to the seed component will be reflected in the derived configuration. This option is recommended when mirror components are required to be driven.