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DriveWorks Solo 22
Piping (KB17101301)

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Piping in SOLIDWORKS uses in-context relationships and is therefore not ideal for automation through DriveWorks.

However it is possible, and DriveWorks does recognise and drive the specific dimension naming schema used in routing, but we would recommend a different approach.

We would recommend using standard part and assembly driving of the routing parts to get the same results rather than relying on the specific in-context piping capabilities.

So for instance, driving the length of a pipe through DriveWorks and at the same time creating a new file for that length is better than using an in-context assembly.

Also mating the connections manually in the master file and then using the ReplaceFile function on each instance to swap in the correct connector works well, as long as the planes have the same internal ID.

Knowledge Base Article Ref:KB17101301