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Important Notice - SOLIDWORKS 2016 Support

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Important Notice - SOLIDWORKS 2016 Support

This notice applies to the following versions:

  • SOLIDWORKS 2016 SP0 to SOLIDWORKS 2016 SP3 inclusive.
This issue has been fixed in SOLIDWORKS 2016 SP4

When generating models using Preview there is a known issue where:

Having more than one subassembly that share identical parts may result in a mismatch of part geometry across the subassemblies.

The issue can be avoided by giving each part generated a unique file name within your DriveWorks rules.

The preview issue may also resolve if you reload the assembly. With the OnDemand model active, from the SOLIDWORKS menu, click:

  1. File>Reload
  2. Click the Show References button and deselect any models that do not require to be reloaded. Click OK
  3. Click OK/Rebuild on any confirmation dialogs that appear
In certain circumstances the above steps may need repeating.