DriveWorks Solo 18: HashHMACSHA1 [send feedback...]


hashes a value using HMAC-SHA1 and returns it as a Base64 encoded string.

Sometimes REST requests using OAuth2.0 authentication need to send a signing key to ensure data has not been tampered with - HMAC SHA1 can be used to generate the signing key.

To ensure compatibility with the DriveWorks rules engine, Hashes generated with this function are automatically Base64 encoded - (by default, HMAC SHA1 returns binary data, which is not supported in the rules engine)




Key is the signing key to use during encryption.

Value is the base string to encrypt.


HashHMACSHA1(1,DWVariableToHash)Will return a hash of the given value, using 1 as the key.

For more information on HMACSHA1 please see HMACSHA1 Class (MSDN article).

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