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DriveWorks Solo 22
Info: Distributing A Solo Project

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This article discusses the files required to distribute a DriveWorks Solo project.

Default File Types

DriveWorks Solo creates the following files when a project is initially created:

  • ProjectName. drivegroup
  • ProjectName. driveprojx

ProjectName is the name given to the project on creation. All these files are located in the folder selected to create the project in.

All the information captured from the models and drawings are stored in these files. Additionally the information about the user forms created for the project, data and rules and the output rules are also stored in these files.


The SOLIDWORKS files used as the masters for the Solo project will also be required, these include all Assemblies, Parts and Drawings that have been captured into the project.

Any clones built from these files are not necessarily required.

It is not essential but good housekeeping to locate the master SOLIDWORKS files in a sub folder of the project location.

Other Files

If the DriveWorks Solo project includes any of the template documents these will be located in a sub folder of the project location the name of which will be the document name followed by the template name.

For example

ProjectLocation\ MyLetter CoveringLetter\

These files include XML documents, a transform file and also any image files used in the document.


When a project is run to obtain the new outputs DriveWorks Solo creates a Results folder under the project location.

It is not necessary to include the results folder when distributing the Solo project.