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DriveWorks Solo 22
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We have fixed the following...

Thanks to your feedback, lots of new and updated code from our Dev department, and hours of testing by our Tech team, we've got some fixes for you too...

15353Changing Windows display settings to larger than 100% causes the form width shown to multiple decimal places, potentially affecting regions using a comma decimal separator.
15642Model generation reports show an error when unsuppressing an instance that is already unsuppressed in the master.
15775It is possible to capture the same dimension more than once under certain circumstances.
15877Renaming a drawing sheet will uncapture any child views in certain circumstances.
15884Comments do not show until refreshed on Model Rules that have been copied.
15925Selected controls can be deleted when in Form Design Test Mode.
16002Help file links in some areas are out of date or missing.
16023Using the ReplaceFile command without declaring the file extension will cause the application to crash during model generation.
16066Model rules will display parameter rules without their = sign if they have been pasted.
16078Pasting Model Rules omits the rule for the last parameter.
16107The value of the function MyName is not reported correctly, in the Search Rules window, when used on some control properties.
16123Project load time is excessive when many controls rely on rules to be evaluated.
16132Drawing Custom Properties are not driven in certain circumstances.
16154A rule applied to the Caption Width property of a form control will be removed if it results to anything less than 0.
16157Rules that contain closing quote character on a new line causes the application to crash when starting a new specification.
16160Undo and Redo are incorrectly disabled/ enabled when editing tables or documents in certain circumstances.
16179Assembly instances do not use the correct configuration when the instance has been driven.
16183Re-using an existing part, in a new assembly, incorrectly changed the configuration it was originally driven to.
16210Using Undo when testing in the Form Designer causes the application to crash.
16451Hierarchical control properties that are not prefixed with the control name do not evaluate correctly.
16476Captured Hole Wizard features, that are renamed in SOLIDWORKS, will cause the application to crash when attempting to re-reference in DriveWorks.
16483Captured custom properties could appear twice in the list under certain circumstances.
16485Invalid clipboard data will cause the application to crash when selecting Model Rules.
16535Missing files incorrectly allowed DriveWorks Pro Data Management to be launched.
16560Hidden Instances do not get unsuppressed when changing the state of another instance.
16151Setting the Caption Width of a Date Picker control to zero or less causes undesirable behavior.
DriveWorks Task Identification - A bug or accepted enhancement request is assigned a DriveWorks Task Identification to enable tracking of the item.