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DriveWorks Solo 22
Drawing Rules Annotation Note

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Drawing Rules Annotation Note

The Annotation Note rule simply requires the result to be the text required in the captured note.

There are many uses for driving notes, typically for populating the text required in drawing title blocks. The examples below give some ideas on how to build rules to drive notes.

Note Rule

A note rule is used to control the string driven into the captured note.

DWCurrentUserDisplayNameSets the note to be:

John Doe

(when the person who logged into the DriveWorks session was listed in the security settings as John Doe)

"<FONT color=0x800080>This drawing</FONT color=0x800080> was created <FONT style=I>automatically"Sets the note to be:

This drawing was created automatically

"Total Quantity = " & QuantityReturnSets the note to be:

Total Quantity = 5

(when the value in the form control QuantityReturn is 5)

"Delete"Will Delete the annotation.
"Hide"Will Hide the annotation.
FALSEWill Hide the annotation.

Note Formatting

Stylised formatting can be applied to Notes to improve the overall Drawing.

Closing tags are only required when formatting is required on part of the note.

Once closed the formatting style will default to Regular for any continuing text.

Closing tags use / after the opening brace, and repeat the format syntax, for example:

<FONT style=R> Note text </FONT style=R>

Regular Font "<FONT style=R> Regular" Will display the text in a Regular font.
Bold Font "<FONT style=B> Bold" Will display the text in Bold.
Italic Font "<FONT style=I> Italic" Will display the text in an Italic font.
Font Color "<FONT color=0xAARRGGBB> Red" Will display the text in the color Red.
Font Underline "<FONT effect=U> Underline" Will display the text Underlined.
Font Strikethrough "<FONT effect=S> Red" Will display the text with a Strikethrough.