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Form Control Default Values

The following form controls have been enhanced to include a new Default Value property.

  • Check Box
  • Combo Box
  • List Box
  • Numeric Text Box
  • Slider
  • Spin Button
  • Text Box
  • Option Group

The Default Value property controls the default value of the control.

Default values will be overridden during form edit or the running of a specification by entering a new value in the form control.

When the Default Value is based on a rule it will be applied when a rule forces the property to be recalculated.

The Default Value property works best when a rule is applied that uses another control to force the default value.


Using another control value to force the Default Value

The example below shows a text box to enter the Opening Width.

From the value entered here the selection in the Door Type list box will change due to the default value property rule shown below.

Using a checkbox to force the Default Value

The example below shows a Numeric Text Box control where a Length can be entered. This can be set to use the Default Value of 75 when the Use Default checkbox is checked.

To do this the rule for the Default Value property, of the Length control, is set to equal 75 when the checkbox is TRUE and to use the controls original value (Length not LengthReturn) when the checkbox does not equal TRUE.

Additionally the Default Value property for the checkbox has a rule applied that will automatically check the checkbox when the Length is 75 and uncheck it when the Length is not 75.

The inclusion of the Default Value rule for the checkbox will avoid any confusion, for the user, when the checkbox has been checked and then the Length control is then set to be something other than 75. If the rule had not been applied the checkbox could remain checked and the default value of 75 for the Length control be changed.