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Replacement Models

Replacement Models provide an easy way to specify models which can replace the assembly or part against which they are registered.

For example, if you have a variety of different feet for a table leg, you could add each one as a replacement model of the foot that is already in the table leg assembly, and then use rules to choose which one of them to use.

As well as replacing a model with one of a fixed set of replacement models, you can also replace a model with another model which is also driven by DriveWorks, for more information about using replacement models, and some advanced scenarios, check out the How To: Replace a Component With a Static or Driven Replacement Model help topic.

If you have a lot of replacement models, you can use the search box to filter the list.
You can double click a replacement model to open it in SOLIDWORKS.

Show only missing

This option will display the captured parameters that are missing.

A missing parameter is one that is captured but has since been removed or renamed in SOLIDWORKS.

Show only missing - uncheckedShow only missing - checked
The images used above show missing dimensions, the principle is identical for Replacement Models.

Adding a Replacement Model

To add a replacement model to the part or assembly, simply click the "Browse..." button and browse for the part or assembly to add.

Removing a Replacement Model

To remove a replacement model from the part or assembly, select the model in the list, and click the "Remove" button.

See also

How To: Replace An Instance With A Driven Replacement Model

How To: Replace a Component With a Static or Driven Replacement Model

Available for a captured part or assembly. A part or assembly which can replace the part or assembly against which it is captured.

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