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DriveWorks Solo 21

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Release Notes

DriveWorks 21 SP0

Supported Versions


SOLIDWORKS 2021, 2022 and 2023 are fully supported.

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows 10 and 11 are fully supported.

Usability & UX

Focused visual updates and enhancements add further functionality across DriveWorks.


Microsoft® SQL Server® CE (Compact Edition) is no longer included in the DriveWorks Installation package.

This program is only required for updating individual groups created prior to DriveWorks 19.

See Prerequisites - Databases for more information.

Form Design

DriveWorks 21 introduces a new web-based Form technology which provides a much more consistent and usable experience in the Form Designer of DriveWorks Solo.

While the use of web-based Form technology behind the new Forms Designer will ease the transition to DriveWorks Pro and browser-based DriveWorks projects, it also provides a host of benefits to native DriveWorks Solo forms.

The Web Form Technology controls have an added consistency in look, behavior, and sizing that makes it faster and easier to create great, professional quality forms in DriveWorks Solo.

New Functions

  • DWLambda

    Create your own simple or complex formula as reusable functions without creating any plugins or external programs.

  • TableColumnLookup

    Returns a value from one table column based on a lookup in another column, featuring enhanced search capabilities.

  • RoundSF

    Round numbers according to the number of significant figures entered.

  • HashHMACSHA256

    Encrypt values to Hash-based Message Authentication Code constructed from the SHA-256 hash function.

Enhanced Functions

Lookup Functions support a more logical Nearest Match approach when searching for strings.

This applies to the following Lookup Functions:

Rule Builder Drill Down

Troubleshoot complex rules effectively by highlighting the evaluation path using the Drill Down tab and Show Rule Evaluation Path.

Image Support

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) and WEBP image formats are now supported on form controls that can have an image file applied:

User Interface

Confirmation dialogs and Message boxes have been updated to give a modern appearance and consistent styling.

Design Automation

New and updated features to utilize the full potential of design automation in DriveWorks

Advanced Feature Parameters

The following SOLIDWORKS features can be captured and driven with Advanced Feature Parameters providing access to parameters in the feature's Property Manager: