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DriveWorks Solo 22
Info: Microsoft Windows Support

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Microsoft Windows Support

Microsoft® Windows® XP is currently nearing its End-of-Life stage in the Microsoft Support Lifecycle and will be officially discontinued by Microsoft soon.

Please see the link provided under Microsoft Windows>Windows Support below for information on when the end of life for Windows products expires.


Microsoft Windows XP SP2 (32-bit) is no longer supported, if you are using Windows XP on a 32-bit machine you should upgrade to SP3 before installing DriveWorks.


If you are using Microsoft Windows XP on a 64-bit machine you should upgrade to SP2 before installing DriveWorks.

SOLIDWORKS and Microsoft Windows Support

When installing DriveWorks alongside SOLIDWORKS please refer to the SOLIDWORKS support policy for Windows products, please see the link provided under SOLIDWORKS>System Requirements below.

Continued Use of Unsupported Windows versions

Any unsupported Operating System level issues with DriveWorks which require Microsoft or SOLIDWORKS assistance may be subject to charges from those companies for that support.

Microsoft Windows

End of support


SOLIDWORKS System Requirements