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DriveWorks Solo 21

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DriveWorks 19 SP0 delivers brand new features and enhancements, in the following areas:

Usability & UX

Focused visual updates and enhancements add further functionality across DriveWorks.

  • New Function - DateTimeSpan Returns a table of information representing the time interval between two Date Time values.
  • Overload parameters, added to the following functions, to allow for leading or trailing whitespaces for text strings.
  • Condition parameters, within functions, ignore leading or trailing whitespaces for text strings.
  • Help and Support links, displayed from Windows Programs and Features, use https protocol.
  • Application License Activation checks the public IP address to overcome managed DNS networks.
  • Installation updates .NET Framework to version 4.8, Operating System Components.
  • Underlying database is now SQLite, Projects created in previous version are automatically backed up when converted. See DriveWorks Project Upgrades (V19) for extension and location information.
  • The Comments tab, in the Rule Builder, allows horizontal scrolling when comments extend beyond the available window space.
  • Rule Builder uses WPF technology, overcoming rendering issues and allowing the following improvements:
  • Selection and expansion state of the following views are retained when the view is refreshed or returned to:
    • Form Design View - Controls Tree
    • Rules Builder - Variables Tab Tree
    • Model Rules View - Components Tree
  • Security updates for the FlexNet Publisher, used for licensing, applied.

Design Automation

New and updated features to utilize the full potential of design automation in DriveWorks