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DriveWorks Solo 21
Bug Fixes

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This section details all fixes to existing functionality and minor improvements to usability.

DriveWorks Solo

8312Break Lines and Break Line information is not shown in the Drawing Rules UI.
8360Picture based controls cause a crash when the picture being loaded is on a network location which cannot be found.
8370Copying and Pasting of form controls from one form to another results in "Invalid Control Value" message in some circumstances.
8402Captured drawings opened from the Solo task pane in SOLIDWORKS 2013 cause a "SOLIDWORKSIntegrationProblem" report.
8403DriveWorks does not prompt to save when switching between projects.
8416Typo on Licensing Screen.
8450Using a combination of IF statements and Indirect functions can cause incorrect results.
8451Improved performance in Form Navigation.
8526OnDemand Model Generation fails to switch the referenced configuration of a model in rare situations.
8527Creating a new project in SOLIDWORKS 2013 generates an error report.
DriveWorks Task Identification - A bug or accepted enhancement request is assigned a DriveWorks Task Identification to enable tracking of the item.