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DriveWorks Solo 22
Service pack 3

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This section details all new features and enhancements that have been included in service pack 3 of DriveWorks Solo.

New Features

  • Instance Control

Instances of components in assemblies can now be controlled with DriveWorks Solo. See  Instances for more details

  • Advanced Feature Parameters

The majority of features used in your SOLIDWORKS parts can now have additional parameters captured for controlling with rules. Documentation has also been included in the help in their use.

Details can be found here Advanced Features Parameters

  • New Functions
  1. IsError to detect whether an expression causes an error.
  2. Rept to repeat the given string value the specified number of times and return the result.
  3. ListAllConditional to search for one or more values from rows in a table where fields match specified criteria.
  4. ListAllConditionalDistinct to search for one or more distinct values from rows in a table where fields match specified criteria.
  • License Management

DriveWorks Solo now supports License returning and includes a utility to allow this and view license details. See License Management for more information.


  • Report Viewer

The report viewer in DriveWorks has been significantly enhanced to make it easier to read, and also provides support for searching the data in the report.