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DriveWorks Solo 22
Project Designer

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Project Designer

The Project designer is launched by clicking the Show Project Designer button in the task pane in SOLIDWORKS.

The DriveWorks Solo Project Designer provides an intuitive interface for administering your projects.

The interface consists of 5 main areas:

  • Title Bar
  • Command Bar
  • Task Explorer
  • Work Area
  • Notification Area

Title Bar

The Title Bar gives the name of the application on the left along with the following icons on the right:

  • Launch the in product version of the help file.
  • Minimize the application to the Windows taskbar.
  • Maximize the application to fill the extent of the screen it is being viewed on.
  • Close the application.
All work undertaken in the Project Designer is saved as it is done. Committing this work to the project file is done by clicking the Save button in the DriveWorks Solo task pane in SOLIDWORKS.

Command Bar

The Command Bar runs along the top of the Work Area and dynamically changes to suit the selected task.

Common commands available from the command bar include:

  • Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo and Redo - these are disabled until a task is available in which they can be used.
  • Search Rules.

Search Rules

Search Rules will display every rule applied to the project.

A filter can be applied to display rules based on column or content.

Rules can be edited from the Search Rules dialog by selecting the required rule and clicking the Build Rule button.

This will launch the Rule Builder where all the usual features are available for editing the rule.

Task Explorer

The Task Explorer is used to select a task to perform.

Click the following tasks for more information:

Work Area

The main Work Area window changes to suit the current selected task.

Please select the appropriate topic from the table of contents in this help file for more information.

Notification Area

The Notification Area runs along the bottom of the Project Designer.

On the right hand side is the name of the currently open project.

The left hand side displays the Task Summary.

When a task is selected from the Task Explorer it will display a summary of that task.

  • Form Navigation - Shows the total quantity of Forms and Decisions that have been applied.
  • Form Design - Shows the total quantity of Form Controls that have been applied to the selected form.
  • Define Variables - Shows the quantity of Variables that are displayed and the total quantity that have been applied.
  • Define Tables - Shows the total quantity of Tables that have been applied.
  • Documents - Shows the total quantity of Documents that have been applied.
  • Model Rules - Shows the quantity of Model Rules that are displayed and the total quantity that have been applied.