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DriveWorks V21 SP1 Information

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DriveWorks V21 SP1 Information

Innovation and continuous improvement underpin our team's approach to software development.

And whilst we are busy working on new features and enhancements for the next major version, we are of course committed to making each version robust and compatible with all the latest releases of software that DriveWorks interacts with.

  • DriveWorks 21 SP1 has been extensively tested to run SOLIDWORKS 2024.
  • Thanks to your feedback, and our own extensive use of the software, DriveWorks 21 SP1 has fixed many areas of the software.

Design Automation - SOLIDWORKS 2024

DriveWorks 21 SP1 fully supports SOLIDWORKS 2024 in addition to 2023, 2022 and 2021.

Previous Release Information - DriveWorks 21 SP0

Please also review the following information (from DriveWorks 21 SP0) which is still relevant for this release.

The following improvements have introduced changes that may affect existing implementations.

Web-Based Form Technology

DriveWorks 21 introduces a unified web-based Form technology which provides a much more consistent and usable experience in the Form Designer of DriveWorks Solo.

Please see Web-Based Form Technology for more information.

Lookup Functions and Nearest Matching Strings

Lookup Functions support a more logical Nearest Match approach when searching for strings.

When the MatchType parameter is set to TRUE, the closest matching string will be judged by matching the characters at the start of the string and finding the closest next letter.

This allows searching for full or partial text strings in a table.

For example, the table to search in has the following column:

Letters are bold to indicate the found letters from the example below the table.

DWTDriveWorks Trailer001254119.pdf
DWSPKLDriveWorks Service Partner Kit - Large001287625.pdf
DWSPKSDriveWorks Service Partner Kit - Small001341254.pdf
DWSRLT30-M09DriveWorks Serial Number (30 Char) - Main Series 9001249824.pdf

The Lookup function is searching for DWSPKR17-WH9 (which does not exist in the table column).

When Nearest Match searching is turned on (MatchType parameter is set to TRUE), the lookup will match the string starting from the start of the string, and find DWSPKS in the table.

This is because the DWSPK characters match, and the closest match to R is the S (and not the L in the DWSPKL string on the row above).

This applies to the following Lookup Functions:

A full explanation of how Matches and Nearest Matches are calculated for Numeric, Date and String values is given in each topic.

Image Support

SVG and WebP images are now supported while image types with the extension .tif and .tiff are no longer supported in the following areas:

Previous Release Information

Please also review the following information which is still relevant for this release.


DriveWorks 19 replaced the use of SQL Compact with SQLite as its underlying database for Individual Groups and exported reports.

Individual Groups created in previous versions are automatically backed up when converted.

See DriveWorks Group Upgrades for extension and location information.