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DriveWorks Solo 21
Bug Fixes

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We have fixed the following...

Thanks to your feedback, lots of new and updated code from our Dev department, and hours of testing by our Tech team, we've got some fixes for you too...

11442Some function wizards do not tab in the expected order.
13950Focus is not given to the control with the lowest tab order when running a new project/specification.
14018The Add and Cancel buttons in the Dimensions and Features task pane do not honor resolution settings.
14272Some feature icons displayed in the Dimensions and Features task pane are not transparent.
14439Special Variable DWFormContainerWidth missing from the UI.
14600Rules Insight for the function TableRemoveRow contains a typo for the description of the Table argument.
14607Patterns and Mirrors of Bodies cannot be captured in SOLIDWORKS 2015.
14644The filter box in the Instances capture pane does not filter.
14684When the function TableSort is used to sort a column that contains 2 data types will cause the application to crash.
14686Captured annotations that have been deleted from a drawing are not highlighted in the task pane.
14698Command bar buttons do not disable when in layout mode.
14728Undo/Redo does not function when Model Rules have been copied and pasted.
14742The Additional File Format setting "Export all sheets to separate files" for drawings returns an error.
14752, 14503, 14505Operators on the keyboard number pad are not recognized for some controls.
14802Layout Mode will not allow models to be generated unless a control has changed.
14806Creating a document from a template that has a space in its name, causes the application to crash when removing the space results in the same name as an existing document.
14833Setting the Decimal Places argument of the Dollar function to anything greater than 15 causes the application to crash.
14900Resizing the DriveWorks Task Pane in SOLIDWORKS to be narrower than 100 pixels freezes the application.
14901Deselecting captured annotation positions does not enable the Save button.
14917The function wizard for DWVLookup replaces Boolean values with numeric values for the MatchType argument.
14947When the Form Navigation has no valid route to finish the application will freeze.
14982, 14613Project File Paths that exceed 255 characters cause the application to crash.
15026Drawing and Document Preview icons are not available in Running Mode unless a project is open.
15027Toggling back to Model Rules, with items selected, causes a crash in certain circumstances.
DriveWorks Task Identification - A bug or accepted enhancement request is assigned a DriveWorks Task Identification to enable tracking of the item.