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DriveWorks Solo 22
What's New - Rules Builder

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What's New Rules Insight

New functionality added to the Rules Builder includes:

  • Rules Insight - Real time help for every function available
  • Autocomplete- Quick pick list, which is filtered as you type, to display possible functions, variables, constants and form controls
  • Bracket Matching - Placing the cursor next to any bracket in the rule will highlight the bracket it is matched with
  • New Settings - New settings allow customization of the colors used to display the rule.

Rules Insight

Rules Insight gives clear guidance on the function in use. The current required value is highlighted in bold, with a description of what the function expects for the argument.


As you start typing a function, variable, constant, table or form control  in the rule builder autocomplete will display a list of suggestions.

The suggestions can be used to complete the entry by clicking on the required entry in the list.

Typing the start of a variable name within the function, filters the list to display all values that correspond to the entry.

Bracket Matching

Bracket matching allows you to see where brackets open and close. Easily identifying where a rule could be failing.

New Settings

New settings added to the display item settings of the rules builder settings include:

  • Function - Set the color used to display functions within the rule.
  • Reference - Set the color used to display references within the rule. (Variables, Constants, Form Controls, Tables)
  • Operator - Set the color used to display operators within the rule.
  • Active Parenthesis - Set the color used to display active parenthesis (brackets) within the rule.

Find All References

DriveWorks Solo 8 introduces the capability to search the references used in a rule to display where the reference is used.

The Find All References function is available from the Rule Builder.

  1. From the rule editor window select the reference to search
  2. Right Click and select Find All References

This will open the Usage Results list and will immediately begin populating the list with all rules that make use of the reference throughout the project. This includes the following rule types:

  • Component Set - All rules used for models and drawings
  • Document
  • Control property
  • Navigation Decision Rule
  • Specification Setting
  • Variable