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DriveWorks Solo 22
How To: Diagnose Project Issues

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DriveWorks Solo provides a number of diagnostic tools, in various areas, to help investigate rules and explore causes of unexpected output behavior.

Diagnostics appear in the following areas:

Troubleshooting Models and Drawings


Common causes of dimension issues, include:


Common causes of feature issues include:

When using the model Preview feature, during specification, any feature marked for deletion will be suppressed.

Troubleshooting User Forms

Form Navigation incorrect

Common causes of incorrect form navigation include:

  •   Incomplete navigation connections.
    1. Select Stage 2. User Interface > Form Navigation
    2. Check each form icon has connections to and from the icon.
User form icons could inadvertently get placed over the top of user form icons that do form part of the navigation. This will make the navigation look complete. If this could be the case move each user form icon to a new position using the Form Navigation of Stage 2. User Interface in the task explorer.

Form connected to a decision does not display