DriveWorks Solo 18: ListGetUnique [send feedback...]


Compares two pipebar delimited lists (|) using a case sensitive comparison and returns the items that appear in List 1 but not in List 2, including any duplicates.


ListGetUnique([List 1],[List 2],[Show duplicates],[Ignore Case])


List 1 is the first list to compare.

List 2 is the second list to compare.

Show Duplicates is whether to show duplicate items in the result.

Ignore Case is whether to carry out a case sensitive comparison on the items in the lists.


ListGetUnique("A|B|C|A","a|b|c|a",FALSE,FALSE)This will return "A|B|C".
ListGetUnique("A|B|C|A","a|b|c|a",FALSE,TRUE)This will return nothing in this case.
ListGetUnique("A|B|C|A","a|b|c|a",TRUE,FALSE)This will return "A|B|C|A".
ListGetUnique("A|B|C|A","a|b|c|a",TRUE,TRUE)This will return nothing in this case.

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