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DriveWorks Solo 22
How To: Implementation Guide

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DriveWorks has been developed with Ease of Use in mind. The intention and practise at most companies is that Engineers can implement DriveWorks for themselves.

DriveWorks Solo is an add-in to SOLIDWORKS that is used to implement and run your products.

This document provides guidance on getting started with DriveWorks Solo and provides guidance on maintaining an implementation going forward.

Using DriveWorks

There are three elements to every DriveWorks Solo Implementation:

Setting upRunningGenerating the Outputs

Who Implements DriveWorks?

The most successful DriveWorks cases are those where a DriveWorks Champion is appointed from within the company. The DriveWorks Champion should be:

  • Knowledgable about the product or products being automated
  • SOLIDWORKS proficient


DriveWorks Solo training is essential to establish a good understanding of DriveWorks Solo.

Only the personnel responsible for implementing your products in DriveWorks Solo need training.

DriveWorks offers FREE online training - click here to see the topics covered

Implementation Plan

Regardless of the Implementation Method selected the steps involved in setting up a DriveWorks implementation generally follow:

1. Decide on the product to be automated.2. Decide what information and input fields are required on the user forms.3. Decide what outputs are required4. Decide what data is required or can be re-used.5. Determine the rules required to automate the product.6. Test.7. Add the detail to the project
The process of telling DriveWorks Solo that a feature, dimension, model, or some other entity should be controlled by DriveWorks Solo.

A value controlled by a rule.