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DriveWorks Solo 22
Bug Fixes

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This section details any fixes to existing functionality or minor improvements to usability.

9252Build and Calculate buttons are disabled when returning to Model Rules task with selected parameters.
9333Selected controls do not display selection outline or grips when returning to Design Mode from Test Mode.
9876Scroll bars in the Form Navigation task are always displayed, regardless of the view requiring any.
9939Using the open parenthesis "(" character will close Rules Insight without placing the character in the rules editor. Applies to using the functions AND and OR only.
10186Keyboard shortcut to close the Rule Builder (Ctrl+ Enter) does not work when focus is outside of the Rule Editor window.
10191Creating a control with a name that includes a single character word will not leave a space in the caption.
10211Selecting a range of cells in a Simple Table causes the highlighted selection to grow outside the range.
10225Using the mouse wheel to scroll a form when in the Form Designer does not work.
10268Opening a project, from a location where the Windows User Account has no permissions, displays a message that implies it is the logged in user of DriveWorks that does not have edit permission.
10467Hitting the space key when renaming a component in the Model Rules task does not enter a space character.
10476Renaming variables that use MyName() or InDirect() functions cause the application to crash.
10572Rules that can equate to a "" value do not allow Tooltips to function as expected.
10891Deleting a component from the Model Rules task will cause the application to crash.
10916User Form Events properties are displayed when they should be reserved for DriveWorks Pro.
10992Setting a control property to a table array value will corrupt the project. Applies to properties that require a numeric value only.
11083Maximising the application in Windows 8 will cover the taskbar.
11344Document rules set to "=" only will cause the application to crash. Applies when using the Search Rules function.
11438It is possible to add a control with a name that will create duplicate references. This will cause the application to crash.
11518Undo and Redo for Layout properties do not follow the change history correctly.
11693It is possible to close the Rule Builder without first closing the Find/Replace function. Doing this gives an error message when next launched.
12252Changing a control property from a rule driven value, to the value the rule equated to, will revert to its original state when the properties are refreshed.
DriveWorks Task Identification - A bug or accepted enhancement request is assigned a DriveWorks Task Identification to enable tracking of the item.