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DriveWorks Solo 22
View Left and Top

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View Left and Top Rules

View left and top rules are used to control the position of the view relative to the bottom, left of the sheet.

View Left RuleView Top RuleMeaning
20250Sets the left position 20 units from the left and 250 units from the bottom
DWVariableLeftDWVariableTopSets the left position to the value calculated by DWVariableLeft from the left and the value calculated by DWVariableTop units from the bottom
IF(LengthReturn<2000,20,40)IF(HeightReturn<1000,250,350)Sets the left position 20 units from the left, when the Length is less than 2000 and 250 units from the bottom when the Height is less than 1000
Before building the rule for the Left and Top positions, click on the corresponding view in the sheets and views tree below the model tree. This will show the current values of the master drawing for the positions. This is a good indicator for setting the view positions.