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DriveWorks Solo 22
Lofted Bend

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Lofted Bend

This document describes the Lofted Bend Advanced Feature Parameter.

Lofted Bend

ParameterInput TypeDescription

True or False

Sets the thickness direction of this lofted bends feature

The Direction option should only be used when the Lofted Bend feature is of the Formed type.

Faceting OptionTo use:

ChordTolerance = 0

NumberOfBends = 1

SegmentLength = 2

SegmentAngle = 3

Sets how facets are created in this lofted bend feature
Facet ValueDouble


Sets the value corresponding to the Faceting Option selected
Refer To End PointBoolean

True or False

Sets whether to calculate facet transitions using theoretical vertexes


Sets the thickness for this lofted bend feature
Bend Line ControlTo use:

NumberOfBendLine = 0

MaximumDeviation = 1

Sets the lofted bend line control options
Maximum DeviationDouble


Sets the maximum deviation for the bend lines in a lofted bend feature
Number Of Bend LinesDouble


Sets the number of bend lines in this lofted bend feature