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DriveWorks Solo 22
How To: Diagnose Project Issues Using The Form Designer

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The behavior of the controls on the user forms can be tested during design by clicking the Test button on the command bar of the form designer.

This allows complete testing of data entry into the user form and the following behavioral properties:

  • Enabled
  • Maximum/Minimum
  • Tab Index
  • Visible
  • Override Rule
  • Items/Text/Value/Checked

Starting a form Test

To test a form that has been designed:

  1. From Stage 1. User Interface of the Project Designer task explorer, select Form Design
  2. Select the Form to test from the Forms list above the properties area of the form design window
  3. Click the Test button on the form design command bar.
  4. The user form will now behave as it would during specification

Other forms can be selected without exiting Test mode by selecting the required form from the forms list.

During form test the background color of the form remains grey, only the grid disappears. This behavior is by design to indicate form design test mode has been activated.
Default values of form controls can be set during test mode. Enter or select the required default value in the control during test mode, and the value will remain (depending on other behavioral property rules) after test mode has been exited.