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Info: DriveWorks File Extensions (KB13022602)

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Info: DriveWorks File Extensions

This document describes the different file extensions that are either created by DriveWorks or used by DriveWorks.

Project Extensions

The project file name is the name entered when the project was created. Each project created will have the following project files created with the project name and the extension shown.

.driveprojxProjects use a .driveprojx file which contains all information relating to a project.
.drivegroupProjects also require a group file.

DriveWorks Project Upgrades

This only affects DriveWorks Solo Projects created prior to DriveWorks v19 which are then opened in a newer version.

.drivegroupbackupFrom DriveWorks V19 Projects now use SQLite.

A backup of the SQL Compact version is taken, and placed in the same location as the original, before the conversion is performed.


.sldasmSOLIDWORKS Assembly
.sldprtSOLIDWORKS Part
.slddrwSOLIDWORKS Drawing

Other file types used by DriveWorks

For all other file types that are used by DriveWorks please see the article Info: File and Template Locations

Knowledge Base Article Ref:KB13022602