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What's New V9

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DriveWorks Solo 9 includes many enhancements and improvements that will increase productivity and enhance the user experience.

Project Designer Enhancements

  • Project Designer start-performance has been greatly improved.
  • Project Designer will automatically select the currently open project in the Create a New Specification dialog.
  • Variables and Categories are now sorted more naturally when the variable or category ends with a number.
  • Undo/Redo is now fully supported in both the Model and Drawing Rules.

Rule Builder & Rule Enhancements

  • Speedier time-to-open.
  • New Drill Down Feature.
  • Collapsible Command Bar.
  • Wizards added for Sum and Concatenate functions.
Formatted StringsNew Functions

User Form Enhancements

  • Labels now support center and right horizontal alignment of text.
  • Properties which represent file names, forms, documents, and more are now contextually aware and provide an appropriate user interface for selecting the desired value.
Hide Characters Property for Text BoxesWord Wrap Property for Text Boxes

Search Rules and Find All References

The Search Rules (available from the command bar of Project Designer) and the Find All References (available by right clicking on a reference in the Rule Builder) functions now allow rules to be modified.

Select the rule from the Search Rules dialog and click Build Rule to launch the Rule Builder.

If the rule contains a reference (for instance a variable or form control), right clicking on the reference and selecting Find All References, will display all instances where that reference is used. Each of these instances can also be modified directly in the Search Rules dialog.

The Search Rules dialog, that displays the rules, now displays the current value of all rules and references found.

SOLIDWORKS Enhancements

Break Lines can now be easily deleted in DriveWorks.
  • The Generation Dialog in the SOLIDWORKS Task Pane can now be refreshed without closing and reopening the dialog.