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DriveWorks Solo 22
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Online Help

An online version of this help is available at http://help.driveworkssolo.com/.


For help with the installation of DriveWorks Solo, please see the topic Installation.


For help with the licensing of DriveWorks Solo, please see the topic Licensing.


For more information about DriveWorks Solo support, please go to the DriveWorks Solo contact us page at http://www.driveworks.co.uk/contact-us/.


Extensive training resources are available online from the DriveWorks Solo web site ( https://hub.driveworks.co.uk/training/solo-training-material/) including:

  • A comprehensive training manual with a video walkthrough which covers all aspects of DriveWorks Solo.
  • Individual "How To" video walkthroughs on topics such as:
    • Creating new projects
    • Upscaling from DriveWorksXpress
    • Capturing and driving features
    • Controlling model colors, materials, and textures
    • Creating forms
    • and many more.

Organization of this Help File

This help file is divided into a number of sections to help you find the help you need quickly and easily:

  • Before You Begin: Contains information related to installation, licensing, and support.
  • Using DriveWorks Solo: Contains information about the different screens and dialogs that you use in DriveWorks Solo to create and run your automation projects.
  • Writing Rules: Contains information about how to write rules in DriveWorks Solo, as well as a reference of the different logical, mathematical, textual, and more functions that you can use in your rules.
  • Knowledge Base: Contains "How To" style information for commonly encountered automation questions.
  • Glossary: Contains a glossary of terms that are used throughout DriveWorks Solo.

The online Help version is continually updated with new articles and represents the version that will be incorporated into the next service pack of DriveWorks..
Online Help - help.driveworkssolo.com

Additional Help

The following resources offer additional methods of help and guidance.

User Community

Customers can participate in the DriveWorks Solo Community Forum- https://hub.driveworks.co.uk/forum/.

Example Projects

There are many DriveWorks Solo example projects available for download from http://www.driveworks.co.uk/products/driveworkssolo/sample-projects/.

Follow the instructions at the above link to download and install the project.

How To Videos

There are many short instructional videos available from the DriveWorks Solo website http://www.driveworks.co.uk/products/driveworkssolo/video-clips/.

Free Webinars

We also host regular webinars for users who prefer instructor led guidance, please see our events page for more information.