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What's New - User Form Properties

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What's New - User Form Background Color and Transparent Pictures

User forms in DriveWorks 8 can now have a color applied.

Pictures that have a transparency are now fully supported.

User Forms

The background color of each user form is set by selecting on the user form, away from any control. Once the user form is selected the properties for the form will be displayed on the right.

By default all user forms are set to white.

Once the background color of the user form has been set the background color of all form controls will be set to the selected user form color. If the form control background color has been changed from the default color (white) the existing color will be used for the form control.


Image files that have a transparency applied are fully supported everywhere a picture can be used (Picture Box, Option Group, Check Box, Hyperlink). This includes full support of partial transparency (.png and .tiff images)

To set the transparency the form control must have it's background color set to Transparent.

Task List Show/Hide

The task list is displayed at the bottom of each user form during specification. It is used to display any form messages that have been triggered by the error result property on any controls applied to the current user form.

DriveWorks Solo 8 now gives you the ability to show or hide the task list on each user form.

Show Task List

Show Task List is a Behavior property of the form. To display and set this property:

  1. Select Form Design from the task explorer
  2. Select the user form to set the Show Task List property for
  3. Click in any empty area of the form in the form designer
    To select the form click outside the boundary of any form control on the user form.
  4. The Show Task List property will be displayed in the Properties window
  5. Set the property to
    • False - to hide the task list
    • True to show the task list