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DriveWorks Solo 18
Rule Builder Settings

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The rule editor can have user defined settings applied that will change the default font, font size and colors used for the display of rules and associated display items.

To Access Rule Builder Settings

The settings are accessed from within the rule builder

  1. Launch the rule builder from anywhere within a project
  2. Click the Settings button from the command bar of the rule builder.

General Settings

Create a ProfileChange the FontChange the Font SizeChange the Background ColorChange the Background Color (With Error)

Display Item Settings

The rule editor color codes various items it recognizes as display items, the color of which can be changed to suit your preference, these include:

  • Normal - The color of all other keyboard characters that do not fall into the categories below
  • Function - The color of any DriveWorks function used in the rule editor
  • Reference - The color of any Constant, Variable, Special Variable, Table, Control value used in the rule editor
  • #NAME? - The color of any Reference that has its name entered incorrectly in the rule editor
  • Boolean - The color of any TRUE or FALSE value used in the rule editor
  • Number - The color of any numeric value used in the rule editor
  • String - The color of all strings within quotes " " used in the rule editor
  • Operator - The color of any valid operator (+, -, *, /, <, >, =, etc.) used in the rule editor
  • Active Parenthesis - The color of parenthesis ( or ) used in the rule editor. When the cursor is placed in front of or immediately after any parenthesis (i.e. it is active) the background of the parenthesis and the one it is matched with will chnage to the display item setting.
Change the Foreground ColorBoldBackground Color