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DriveWorks Solo 22
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Fixed in DriveWorks 21.1

Thanks to your feedback, and our own extensive use of the software, we've made the following fixes:

DriveWorks Solo

42907Cannot drive the Offset Dim Type (Edge Flange Advanced Feature Parameter) to any of the expected values.
43123A Form Control can be deleted while dragging to a new position in Form Design.
43146The Form Design canvas does not reduce in size when moving a Control to within the viewable area on a Form that is scrollable, retaining the scroll position when dragging.
44133The rendered width of a Form Control using DWFormContainerWidth, does not reevaluate when it is moved to trigger a scrollbar until Test Mode is activated.
44313Setting the Maximum property value to be less than the Minimum property on the Spin Button Control will cause it to flicker when interacting with it.
44464Form Controls can be manually moved or resized when layout properties are set to be dynamic.
44639Controls, on a scrollable Form, cannot be moved by selecting and holding the left mouse button and then scrolling the mouse wheel.
45199, 36917The flyout element of certain Form Controls (for example the drop down list of a Combo Box) will remain in place when the Form scrolls, moves or navigates to another Form.
45213Group Controls (Form Design) is not disabled when controls that are already grouped are selected.
45278Using the function MyName(1) on layout properties for controls with certain names will cause the application to crash.
45298Tooltip Text will overflow, beyond the bounds of the border, for long strings that have no space characters.
45301Group Controls is available (from the right click menu) when controls from different Forms are selected in the Control Tree view.
45316, 44657Combo and List Box controls cause the Form to scroll when scrolling horizontally using the keyboard arrows and the end of the scroll is reached.
45320Changing Forms in Form Design Test Mode when an input box has focus will cause the application to crash.
45321Displayed decimal places (Numeric Text Box, Spin Button) are capped to 3.
45347Trailing zeros, dictated by the Decimal Places property, are not displayed in the Spin Button control.
45581, 45580Form controls that have had their position locked can be moved using keyboard or alignment commands.
45636Picture Box control does not dispose of some types of content when dynamically switching to display an image.
45681List type controls, that have their selection cleared, do not clear the selection from the Return value.
45766, 45519Moving a control that has its Height or Width property set to a negative number will cause the application to crash.
45777Rules containing many incorrectly cased functions are slow to load in the Rule Builder.
DriveWorks Task Identification - A bug or accepted enhancement request is assigned a DriveWorks Task Identification to enable tracking of the item.