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DriveWorks Solo 22
Bug Fixes

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We have fixed the following...

Thanks to your feedback, lots of new and updated code from our Dev department, and hours of testing by our Tech team, we've made some fixes...

12160Drawing annotations can be captured more than once under certain circumstances.
16913Driving a K-factor into a sheet metal feature causes a model generation error.
18620The function ExtractNumber returns the number as a string.
18765Captured drawings show as missing when the associated model has been renamed.
18835Hidden illegal characters in a captured SOLIDWORKS feature will cause the application to crash.
18918Large quantities of captured models causes an excessive amount of time when populating data into and opening models from the DriveWorks Task Pane.
18928Opening a drawing, or replacement model, from the Task Pane requires clicking exactly on the name, not the entire row.
19112Moving components up the tree view in Model Rules will cause the application to crash.
19411Z position is ignored when re-aligning dimension positions on isometric views.
19457In context references do not update in certain circumstances.
19657Corrupt SOLIDWORKS installations will cause a crash when opening models from within the application (from Model Rules for example).
DriveWorks Task Identification - A bug or accepted enhancement request is assigned a DriveWorks Task Identification to enable tracking of the item.