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DriveWorks Solo 20
Info: SOLIDWORKS System Options

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This document outlines the various settings that should be applied to optimize SOLIDWORKS for generating models manually using DriveWorks User or DriveWorks Administrator and automatically using DriveWorks Autopilot. These setting could also apply when capturing model data using DriveWorks Administrator.

SOLIDWORKS System Options

SOLIDWORKS system options can be found from the SOLIDWORKS Tools menu, select Options:

System Option CategoryOptionSetting
GeneralOpen last used document(s) at startupNever
When rebuild error occursContinue
PerformanceAutomatically load components lightweightuncheck
Always resolve sub-assembliescheck
Check out-of-date lightweight componentsDon't Check
Resolve lightweight componentsAlways
Rebuild assembly on loadAlways
AssembliesUse Large Assembly Mode to improve performance...uncheck
External ReferencesOpen referenced documents with read-only accessuncheck
Don't prompt to save read-only referenced documentscheck
Automatically generate names for referenced geometryuncheck
Update component names when documents are replacedcheck