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DriveWorks Solo 22
Bug Fixes

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Fixed in DriveWorks 21.2

Thanks to your feedback, and our own extensive use of the software, we've made the following fixes:

39295The Option Group control displays an Option Text Caption Width property.
40692Illegal characters in the Master File path of certain Document types will cause the application to crash.
43074Selecting a control from the Form Designer control tree does not highlight the visibility and lock buttons.
45297Long unbroken strings in tooltips will overflow outside the bounds of the Tooltip box.
45741The value entered into numeric text boxes and spin buttons does not get applied correctly for certain Windows Display Language settings.
45790Multi selecting a List type control and the Form then deleting will cause the application to crash.
45971Applying a filter to the Control Tree prevents the properties of a control selected in the Form Designer from being displayed.
46259Cutting and pasting controls that are locked between forms does not update the locked status correctly.
46284The List Box control loses the highlighted selection when its Items change.
46356, 47035The Selected Item of an Option Group will change to the first value in the list when the Items property is updated.
46457Cannot install v21.1 without uninstalling v21.0 first.
46458Pictures will be cropped vertically when using Picture Size Mode of "Normal" or "Center" in a small control.
46647The Caption Horizontal Alignment property of the Option Group control is not honored.
46748Applying a decimal increment value causes the Spin Button to not function in cultures that use certain decimal grouping specifiers.
46931A Default Value applied to a List Box control is not visually indicated when the Form loads.
46938, 46289A selected item, in the Combo Box control, is not retained when its items are recalculated.
47018The Caption Color property does not honor ARGB values.
47178The Select None property value (Selected Item Removed Behavior property) is not honored when item values in the Combo Box control changes.
47191Setting the Slider control increment to 0, or a decimal value on systems that use a comma separator, will cause infinite warning messages eventually leading to the application crashing.
47219Clear Selection context menu action will clear a selected blank value from the Option Group control.
47221Clear Selection context menu action is not honored for the Option Group control.
47504Multiple Indirect functions within a rule will cause the application to crash in certain circumstances.


47678 Upgrade installer to use latest third party toolset.
Security vulnerabilities have been discovered in the toolset used by DriveWorks to build installers which require the upgrade of the toolset to a non-vulnerable version.
DriveWorks Task Identification - A bug or accepted enhancement request is assigned a DriveWorks Task Identification to enable tracking of the item.