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DriveWorks Solo 22
Bug Fixes

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This section details all fixes to existing functionality and minor improvements to usability.

DriveWorks Solo

8362Captured advanced feature parameters of patterns still show when re-referenced to a different pattern type where the same advanced features do not exist.
8894Rule builder becomes inactive when using Edit Variable function from within an existing rule.
9155Extract to Variable function causes a crash when creating a variable that exists in the cache but has not been comitted.
9221HTML files displayed in the picture box control cause a crash after previewing in test mode.
9304, 9312Control tree unable to render all information about a control in certain circumstances.
9358Scrlling becomes disabled when dragging controls in the control tree.
9405Sorting on the Old Rule or New Rule columns in the "Extract to Variable > Replace in all rules" dialog causes the application to crash.
9420Configurations containing non alpha-numeric characters are not recognized.
9425New project does not show in any recent list until saved or information is captured.
9583Including a space within a condition string (for example "< >") in an appropriate function causes the application to crash.
9695Opening a project that is locked causes an error.
9722License manager always shows 30 days remaining for a trial license.
DriveWorks Task Identification - A bug or accepted enhancement request is assigned a DriveWorks Task Identification to enable tracking of the item.