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DriveWorks Solo 22

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Advanced Feature

Additional parameters available for capture as a result of capturing a feature.

See Advanced Feature Parameters and Model Rules Advanced Feature Rules - Overview



Any of the tabs on the right-hand side of the Rule Builder which enable quick access to project items such as variables and controls.



The process of telling DriveWorks Solo that a feature, dimension, model, or some other entity should be controlled by DriveWorks Solo.

Capture Assistant

The capture assistant is an add-in to SolidWorks which is installed with DriveWorks. It enables you to quickly and easily tell DriveWorks which models, features, dimensions and more you want to automate.

Capture Explorer

The Microsoft Outlook-style section on the DriveWorks Solo tab in SolidWorks' Task Pane

Check Box

A user form control which displays a check mark when selected. The check box reports TRUE when selected and FALSE when not selected.

Combo Box

A user form control that allows a single item to be selected from a drop down list.

Command Bar

A bar which shows buttons for commands at the top of the Capture Explorer, the Project Designer, or the Rule Builder.


An assembly, part, or drawing.

Component Set

A part or assembly which has been added to the Model Rules screen and is not contained in a parent assembly.


A text box, check box, or some other control added to the form designer.

Custom Properties

Provide the ability to store meta-data within the model or drawing.


Document Editor

The editor which is shown when a document is edited in the Documents task in the Project Designer.


DriveWorks Task Identification - A bug or accepted enhancement request is assigned a DriveWorks Task Identification to enable tracking of the item.


A value controlled by a rule.


Filter Box

A box with a filter icon to the right which allows a tree or list to be filtered.


A type of control property where the value can only be set in the Form Designer (not by a rule).

Form Message

A custom message that can be displayed as specification tasks during specification.

Form Messages

Form Messages are accessed from DriveWorks Administrator.

These allow common messages to be allocated an incremental number that can be referenced in the Error Result property of form controls.

The Error Result property determines if the message is to be displayed during specification.

Form messages are displayed in the task list.

Function Wizard

A wizard shown in the Help and Diagnostics area of the Rule Builder when a function is selected from the Functions Dialog.

Functions Dialog

Launched from the Command Bar on the Rule Builder. Allows for quick selection of a function to add to the Rule Builder.



Specifies the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) to direct to.



Two or more identical occurrences of the same component within an assembly.



A user form control that displays text.

List Box

A user form control that allows a single item to be selected from a scrollable list.


Major Version

The term Major Version refers to the product number of DriveWorks. The major version numbers that are currently supported are:

DriveWorks Solo 9

DriveWorks Solo 10

DriveWorks Solo 11


The process of moving data from earlier versions of DriveWorks to the latest version or upsizing from DriveWorksXpress and DriveWorks Solo to DriveWorks Pro.


Numeric Text Box

A user form control that accepts numeric values only.


Option Group

A user form control where one selection can be made from a group of options.


Picture Box

A user form control that will display an image.


A collection of rules and captured model information which is used to automate a set of models.

Project Designer

Launched from the Command Bar at the top of the Capture Explorer. Provides form design, model rule administration, and other capabilities.

Properties List

A list which shows the properties for one or more selected Controls in the Form Design task in the Project Designer

Proxy Server

A Proxy Server is a server that acts as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers (such as the internet).

A Proxy Server can be used to restrict traffic to the internet from client computers.


Replacement Model

Available for a captured part or assembly. A part or assembly which can replace the part or assembly against which it is captured.

Replacement Models

Available for a captured part or assembly. A part or assembly which can replace the part or assembly against which it is captured.


A Microsoft Excel-style formula which controls the value of the item to which it is attached, e.g. a dimension of a feature, or the name of a drawing.

Rule Builder

The dialog shown when building a rule, e.g. for a variable, model rule, or form control property.



A single section on the Capture Explorer, e.g. Custom Properties, or Dimensions and Features

Section Header

The header icon and text shown at the bottom of the Capture Explorer for a specific Capture Explorer Section.

Service Pack

Each major version of DriveWorks has periodic service pack releases. This is to ensure the software stays current with all updates applied to operating systems and other applications that DriveWorks integrates with. Service packs can also include new functionality, enhancements and bug fixes.


The slider displays a slide bar which represents a numeric value.

Spin Button

A user form control where the displayed value is incremented by the selection of up and down arrows.


Value set in Form Designer. For DriveWorks projects static properties can be made Dynamic by double clicking the gray radio button.



A method for storing tabular data.

Table Editor

The editor which is shown when a table is edited in the Define Tables task in the Project Designer.


A single task shown in the Task Explorer in the Project Designer to provide access to a set of common functionality, e.g. Form Design, or Model Rule administration.

Task Explorer

The tree of tasks shown on the left hand side of the Project Designer.

Task Pane

The area in SolidWorks where DriveWorks Solo is loaded, and which can be hidden or shown by right clicking on SolidWorks' command bar or menu bar.

Text Box

A user form control that will accept alpha and numeric entries.


User Form

The forms used to enter or select data for the specification.



A dynamic value (text or numeric) determined by a rule.