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DriveWorks Solo 22
Info: Working With SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM

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This document outlines how to work with DS SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM and DriveWorks Solo using the standard Enterprise PDM tools.

DriveWorks Solo does not include any native PDM integration and has not been designed specifically to work with PDM systems. DriveWorks Pro incorporates the ability to work with Enterprise PDM automatically.

Master Files

The DriveWorks Solo Project files (including but not limited to the .driveprojx and .drivegroup files) all need to be outside of PDM or checked out locally so that they can be open or run. The SOLIDWORKS master models may be checked in to PDM as DriveWorks Solo works on copies of these files at all times.

Previewed Models and Drawings

There are no additional considerations when previewing models and drawings with PDM. When using the DriveWorks Solo preview functionality, DriveWorks Solo works entirely with temporary files outside of the PDM system.

Finished Models and Drawings

The following information only applies if models and drawings are created inside the local view of a vault.

By default, Enterprise PDM is configured to automatically add files to the vault that are created in a logged on local view (blueberry folder). However this is controlled by a setting in Enterprise PDM which can be manually configured. In either case, the files will not be checked in automatically. After DriveWorks Solo has finished generated the models and drawings, they can be safely checked in to Enterprise PDM.

Enterprise PDM SOLIDWORKS Addin

Enterprise PDM includes an addin to SOLIDWORKS which is designed to make it easier to work with Enterprise PDM inside SOLIDWORKS. This addin automatically detects file operations within SOLIDWORKS and prompts to check files in and out of the vault.

We recommend that the addin is disabled when working with DriveWorks Solo otherwise it will prompt regularly to check files in and out.