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DriveWorks Solo 22
Service Pack 5

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This section details enhancements and fixes to existing DriveWorks functionality in service pack 5.


Model Generation - Improved algorithm for model generation rebuilding

New feature added <ReplaceFile>. Allows a replacement file to be used without requiring it to be captured as a replacement file. See How To: Replace a Component With a Static or Driven Replacement Model for more information.

New functions added:

  • IsNonText - Checks if a value is not text
  • IsNumber  - Checks if a value is a number
  • IsText - Checks if a value is text


  1. Fix for finishing the running DriveWorks Solo project, when multiple independent sub assemblies contain the same sub assembly which is to be deleted
  2. Fix for issues caused by Variables containing a number in their name.
  3. Fix for issue caused by the drawing annotation control check box entering an indeterminate state
  4. Fix for renaming when missing components are present.
  5. Fixed intermittent issue with latest versions of SOLIDWORKS showing C++ error message
  6. Fix for issue caused by update annotation positions button
  7. Fix for intermittent issues caused by not being able to build rules on drawings
  8. Fix for rare issue that caused crash when resizing columns in table views.
  9. Fix for occasional crashes  when undoing and re-doing the creation of controls
  10. Variable categories now only expand as top level nodes on loading
  11. DXF export of the sheet now only exports the sheet and not all sheets
  12. Fix for crash caused by multiple instances of the same drawing annotation being captured
  13. Improved performance of loading Form Navigation view
  14. Preventing invalid data from other applications being pasted into the rule builder
  15. Improved handling of missing values in CHOOSEFROM function, now displays the relevant #VALUE and #NA result
  16. Improved feedback from rules that contain circular references
  17. Fix for Ondemand generation in certain circumstances where references are swapped
  18. Fix for driving the advanced feature parameter Text.
  19. Fix for occasional crashes when filtering the model rules list
  20. Form navigation scroll bars now behave correctly
  21. QuickText now displays the ampersand correctly
  22. Fix for rare crashes when closing the rules builder relating to not being able to delete a temporary file
  23. Measurement text box now supports the uppercase versions of units suffixes
  24. Fix for issue caused by a specific sequence of events used when copying and pasting form controls.
  25. Fix for switching configurations of assemblies whose components are being suppress/unsuppressed/etc